Mar 12, 2009

Modeling 101 (VIDEO): Brought to you by

Okay so, we came across a FANTASTIC modeling resource today that we thought would be great to share: is a free online resource for models that provides valuable information, articles, links, videos and interactive forums to help address many of the frequent questions models encounter in today's industry. Additionally, they offer a pretty neat online portfolio and compcard service that models can find useful in seeking a professional, yet affordable means of developing a compcard. By the way, did we mention it was FREE?
Christina DeHart (the site's head honcho), takes an inside look at some of NYC's top modeling agencies (and even did a segment with one of our favorite photographers out of Baltimore, MD - Roy Cox) and gets the official inside scoop on what it takes to succeed in the industry. For new & aspiring models (and even the experienced ones), this site can serve as an incredible tool for everything from finding a great photographer, to finding a reputable agency.

Our favorite video however, happens to be a segment on "Promotional Modeling". Surprisingly enough, not many know what promotional modeling is exactly, or how broad the industry can be. Sure, we've all seen the "booth babes" at trade shows or come across the "Bud Girl" handing out t-shirts at our favorite sports bar. However, there is a huge industry out there for promotional modeling, and with the right agency, it can be a very lucrative pursuit. This segment goes as far as breaking down the various industries involved with promotional modeling, as well as realistic rates and earnings. Check out the segment below:

Visit for more information and other great videos.